On Todays Episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin…Join Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Adam B. Levine, Stephanie Murphy & Jonathan Mohan for an early look at the newly proposed “Erlay” and “Dandelion” transaction relay protocols.
Later, Adam and HRF.org's Alex Gladstein sit down with Hong Kong Bitcoin Users Christina and Leo, in the third of our interview series focused on international perspectives.
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Interview Location: Washington
Date: Friday 21st Jun, 2019
Organisation: CFTC
Role: Commissioner
While Bitcoin is a way out of big government, a fight against ill-disciplined fiscal policies, it is to be expected that departments such as the CFTC and SEC will regulate the space. While China has taken the draconian decision to largely ban cryptocurrencies, the US has taken a more pro-innovation approach, aware that over-regulation will push the technology into other markets.
In this interview, I chat with Brian Quintenz, a commissioner at the CFTC. We discuss the difficulties in regulating the Bitcoin Futures markets, whether the current US government's regulations are outdated and the history of the CFTC and Futures markets.
We discussed:
The history of the CFTC
How Futures work
Self regulation v formal oversight
Bitcoin's unique characteristics
Facebook Libra
Privacy coins
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Welcome to episode 65 of The Bitcoin Game. I'm Rob Mitchell, and I just got back from the Bitcoin 2019 conference in San Francisco. I'm really glad I decided to attend after taking a long break from conferences, as I had a great time and got some really good interviews. I'm going to release them in the order I recorded them, so up first is Jimmy Song.
Oh, I also want listener feedback. This interview is unedited, whereas my typical episodes are heavily edited, with the goal of delivering the most listenable and content-dense experience possible. But all that editing takes a lot of time, which reduces the amount of content I release. So please give your feedback on this episode's show notes page (below), or I'm theBTCgame on Twitter. I've got some cool Bitcoin stuff to give away to a couple of people who give me feedback, in case you need additional incentive.
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In today's episode of Proof of Love, the whole crew is together answering audience questions again.
How do you know if chicks are hitting on you? That question had us thinking, how would you do it? Then we talk a bit about red flags in dating. Tune in and tell us what you think in the comments!
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Proof of Love

Josh and I sat down with Gabriel Escalona and talked about his native Venezuela. Though many of his family was able to leave the country before the recent events transpired, he still has many family and friends enduring unspeakable hardships. From sending money to his family and medicine to his Grandmother, he speaks the raw truth about his experiences and weighs in on many misconceptions in the media.
About the Guests:
Joshua Scigala, is the founder & CEO of Vaultoro. He is an award-winning designer, animator & entrepreneur. He has co-founded 5 technology startups as well as leading large technical teams. He was a pioneer in the sharing economy as well as in the blockchain space.
Gabriel Escalona is the CMO of Vaultoro. Gabriel is a communications expert & media producer. He has led several start-up teams into successful exists and IPOs in the last 8 years. He has a broad experience disrupting industries such as FinTech, Real Estate, Media and e-commerce.

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The complex and evolving regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies has been a topic for many years. After a long period of waiting, the SEC started pursuing fraud causes in the last 1-2 years. But the recent lawsuit against Kik is the first time that the SEC goes after a large, non-fraud case.
We were joined by lawyer Stephen Palley to discuss the Kik case, the US regulatory landscape and recent announcement of the Libra cryptocurrency promoted by Facebook.
Topics discussed in this episode:
The SEC lawsuit against KikThe potential path of the process and how it could resolve in the endWhy the Kik case is unlikely to provide any regulatory clarity in the next few yearsWhat a settlement in the Kik case could look likeWhether the Howey test is still a sensible way to regulate securitiesHow US regulators will deal with decentralized exchangesStephen's thoughts on LibraLinks mentioned in this episode:
Annotated Guide to the SEC's Complaint against KIK – Katherine WuKik and the S..

Interview location: Skype
Interview date: Friday 24th May, 2019
Company: Independent
Role: Developer and Consultant, Bitcoin Activist, Blockchain Skeptic
Bitcoin is hard!
For new people discovering Bitcoin the rabbit hole is deep, from tech to security to economics, there are many topics to understand. Further, the long and volatile history of Bitcoin is also relevant, from how the tech has evolved to the personalities to critical events such as the scaling war. Bitcoin is hard!
Bitcoin can also be unwelcoming; the social channels for discussing Bitcoin can be hostile. Whether on Reddit or Twitter, a misstep can be met with anger and humiliation.
Some argue that toxic levels of hostility are good for Bitcoin as it defends against hostile attacks, others (myself included), while understanding the hard-line nature of some Bitcoiners feel that there needs to be a more considered effort to onboard and educate people about Bitcoin and the risks of altcoins.
In this interview, I chat with U..

Veteran trader Seth Rubin wants to create better, more transparent financial products. So he co-founded Market Protocol, a decentralized derivatives project on Ethereum. This week, Seth joins me in discussing
Why do we need decentralized financial derivatives?How does Market differ from other projects – like dYdX or UMA?What will DeFi derivatives look like in 5-10 years?How will they compete with centralized players like Bitmex?Support the show:
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Disclaimer: Market Protocol is an advisory client of the Spartan Group.
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On Todays Episode of Let's Talk Bitcoin…Join Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan and Adam B. Levine for an in-depth discussion on the realities, implications and possible speculative motive behind Facebook's recently revealed Libra Protocol.
Bonus Episode: Stephanie and Adam read “How Will Facebook's Libra Blockchain Really Work? An Expert Guide to the Social Media Company's Foray into Cryptocurrency” by Jameson Lopp
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High Level (Lightpaper) : https://libra.org/en-US/white-pa..

In this episode, Grahm and Dave invite Colin Harper from the other side of the office to discuss his recent article on the Libra white paper. The three of them quickly hop aboard the Facebook/Libra hype train, and speculate on how Libra could affect the cryptocurrency market as well as the world in general.
Facebook's Libra Is Here. But It Might Not Be What You Think
Colin Harper (@AsILayHodling)
Dave (DsHollers)
Grahm (@Grahmbo1stBlood)
Bitcoin Magazine (@bitcoinmagazine)