Mati Greenspan stops by this episode of The Tatiana Show. Mati is a Senior Market Analyst for our newest sponsor eToro. Having over a decade's experience working in financial advice, he manages portfolios for the company's VIP clients and handles eToro's Premium Club Network.
Tatiana and Mati dive into his background where he began paper trading at the age of 13 and began working in financial markets in 2008. A chance email blast in 2013 led to his discovery of Bitcoin and his interest in the crypto space.
Mati gives his thoughts on the Federal Reserve's current policies and what effect they will have on the economy. He also gives tips for beginning traders, ways to diversify your portfolio, and the risks and rewards of trading Bitcoin.
About the Guests:
Mati has been at eToro for over five years as a Senior Market Analyst and has over a decade's experience working in financial advice.
At eToro, Mati works as a portfolio manager for VIP clients with a minimum e..

The path seems open for bitcoin to stage an end of year rally, with $20,000 shaping up as a realistic price target.
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'œThe reason why I love Bitcoin; I think that it improves on all the things that gold is lacking and gold really is, historically, the world's best money.''” Nik Bhatia
Location: Los Angeles
Date: Friday, 18th October
Project: OpenNode & Tantra Labs
Role: Research Strategist
State adoption of Bitcoin is unclear but countries such as Iran, North Korea and Venezuela are believed to be holding and using Bitcoin. While these countries are in the minority, some believe it is just a matter of time before Bitcoin becomes a generally accepted state-level monetary tool.
State-level censorship resistance is useful for nations subject to tight sanctions. The unique properties of Bitcoin could make governmental ownership of Bitcoin a necessity in the future and increased accumulation by governments around the world may lead to the U.S Dollar being replaced by Bitcoin as the global reserve currency.
Further, the global economy is becoming increasingly uncertain, with negative in..

For this week's Blockcrunch Asia Series, we look to India's Matic Network, a Coinbase and Binance-backed team scaling Ethereum via Plasma.
COO Sandeep Nailwal joins me in discussing:
Why (still) Plasma?The technical trade-offs of MaticMatic vs. other layer 2 solutionsGo-to-developer strategyIndian crypto regulationHost: Jason Choi (@MrJasonChoi). If you enjoyed the show, consider tipping! This show is not financial advice.
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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world in meaningful ways. And this change may drastically impact people's lives‚'” both for the better and for the worse. While ethics are often discussed for technologies like AI, the ethical considerations around blockchain technologies have received less focussed attention.
We're joined by Rhys Lindmark, Head of Community and Long-Term Societal Impact at the MIT Media Lab's Digital Currency Initiative. Previously the host of the podcast 'œCreating a Humanist Blockchain Future,' Rhys' approach to blockchain was always about considering its potential impact. Since joining the DCI, his podcast, now 'œGray Mirror,' continues to explore these questions. He has also recently started teaching a blockchain ethics course with the DCI's Director, Neha Narula.
Topics discussed in this episode:
Rhys' background as a podcaster and proponent of Effective AltruismHis advocacy wor..

Eric Martindale @martindale comes to POV Crypto to discuss his project Fabric, how it adds to Bitcoin, and a variety of other crypto related topics.‚
The crypto industry is an industry trying to get to the truth of the world at large.
Crypto-economics as a motivation for learning what is true about the world
Comparing Bitcoin vs Ethereum genesis stories
Too late to stop Bitcoin; Ethereum too under the radar to nation states to be viewed as a threat
Bitcoins Thermodynamic wall vs Ethereum's Value-Wall
Money is Energy; Both secured by trust
Bitcoin breaking through Filters
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Back in 2016, Australian authorities arrested a suspect in a sting involving an arms dealer. The weapons were bought and paid for using Bitcoin, resulting in the Bitcoin used in the transactions being seized as evidence.
When law enforcement first began the litigation process, the seized crypto assets were worth roughly $5000, but by the time they had received the crypto, the value of all the seized Bitcoin had ballooned to $105,000, resulting in a 2,000% gain for law enforcement.
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In this episode, Dave Hollerith interviews Jonathan Levin, Chief Strategy Officer at Chainalysis, the blockchain analysis firm that helped investigators take down the largest darknet market for child exploitation content in the world.
Darknet Markets Can't Live With'”Or Without'”BitcoinTwitter:
Jonathan Levin (@jony_levin)
Dave Hollerith (@DsHollers)
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How much can you trust your gut? Ever notice what feelings overcome you when you decide to take a leap of faith?
This week on Proof of Love, Dr. Stephanie Murphy and Tatiana Moroz talk about intuition, gender roles, and as per usual, relationships. Have you ever thought that your intuition can be developed and strengthened? Tune in to hear the ladies' thoughts, only on Proof of Love.
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'œThat feeling as a macro investor was' wow this is real, and I'm early, and I better figure out what to do right away.''” Dan Tapiero
Location: Skype
Date: Thursday, 17th October
Project: Gold Bullion International
Role: Co-Founder
Bitcoin's design allows you holders to claim monetary sovereignty, taking money and power away from banks and the legacy financial system.
So, why do Bitcoiners seem so desperate to see the influx of institutional investors? A large injection of capital into the markets would likely see the price of Bitcoin go up, but, would it not be best to see organic growth in adoption by people, rather than corporations?
It is easier than ever for institutional investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin. With the recent launch of Bakkt futures contracts along with LedgerX and CME, there are ways for large traders to get skin in the game. But the volume is low, why?
Education is an often overlooked part of the Bitcoin onboarding process. No matt..